Friday, February 10, 2006

My inspiration for blogging

This has been put on the backburner for far too long. I have watched Nuevo Laredo in completely inaccurate, sensationalist news reports and been able to do nothing but yell at the television screen in frustration.

You’ve probably read it all by now ‘BLOOD ON THE STREETS’ ‘ANARCHY’ etc. With out a doubt things are out of hand in Nuevo, sure, but it aint a damn bit different for 4 years ago when the last major gulf (cartel) war was taking place over a serious of family feuds (this one is about crystal meth). For the most part however, Nuevo Laredo is still a functioning city, the maquiladoras are still operating – albeit at a slower pace than 10 years ago, the trains are still running, and the prostitutes are still humming.

That is to say nothing to Laredo, TX. The place where I live has remained relatively quiet throughout this whole ordeal. Chalk it up to the police work thousands of FBI, Border Patrol, ATF, US Customs, and TX DPS officers in this small city. I sleep much better at night here, than I did when I lived in the suburbs of Dallas.